Solar Residential Kits

Solar Residential Kits

The Sol-Gen Kits contain PV modules, a grid-tied inverter, home run cables, cable clips, an external AC disconnect, a SolaDeck combiner box, a surge protector, labels, and a line diagram. Choose your kit based on the desired module, inverter, string configuration, system size, array square footage, and operating temperature range.

Combine a Sol-Gen Kit with a Sol-Rac Kit for mounting your system hardware. Kits include portrait configurations in rows of 1 through 14 for IronRidge XRS, ProSolar RoofTrac and Unirac SolarMount assemblies.

Many online calculators are available to help you get started in evaluating the potential benefits of a Photovoltaic Solar (PV) system. The US Government National Renewable Energy Laboratory website is a good resource to learn about PV systems, for residential PV systems, is a useful interactive tool.

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